Content development

What is involved in content development? Copywriting and copyediting


  • Copywriting is the creation of texts precisely tailored to the customer with their keywords.

  • Copy editing is the layout and proofreading of the copy.

Copywriting service

Birmingham SEO Company’s copywriting service is an essential part of our Internet marketing. The importance of content development is often underestimated. Properly constructed and written content will influence the success of the website which in turn affects the profitability.

People want to read concise, clear and interesting information. You will receive no boring or vague texts from Birmingham SEO. Your website copy will be written with very specific keywords that apply to your services or products. Persuasive content proves you are the right company for your clients.


Copyediting reflects the reputation of a business. You can be sure of the grammatical and stylistic correctness of your web content.

Even a minor mistake or typo may deter customers. Our copywriters construct a text that sells.

We proudly serve Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Gulf Shores, and Mobile, Alabama. Feel free to contact us for more information (205) 612-8957.


We proudly serve Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Gulf Shores and Mobile, Alabama. Feel free to contact us for more information (205) 965-7910.


Resources to stand out in Content area.


Content is the information that is directed toward an customer.

Engage your customer

Engage your customer

Quality content can easily help you attract the attention of potential customers

Content preparation

Content preparation

We will guide you through the process to fill your website with the right content

Content Bespoke

Content Bespoke

Content optimized just for Your business and Your customers

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